Things She Wishes You Understood


With concise, thought-provoking passages, Derrick Jaxn shares what he learned in love once he discovered the difference between just hearing a woman and truly listening to her.

There’s a fear that resides in most men disguised as pride of listening to things a woman is trying to get across during conflict in a relationship. The fear of being less manly, weak, or even unintelligent when genuinely considering how a woman’s adverse position may be right has crippled many into a life of childish stubbornness and immaturity.

Derrick Jaxn has been there, and in Things She Wishes You Understood, he offers men a bridge to grow out of that fear as he poetically articulates the messages on the hearts of women, everywhere.

For any man who’s struggling to overcome the disconnect in understanding his woman, or for any woman who ever felt unheard due to her inability to speak up for her emotional needs in a way a man could comprehend; this short, but powerful collection of quotes is for you.