Self-Crowned Q&A: Satisfying Women Doesn’t Always Come Easy For Some Men, Not Even When They Want To

It’s hard for me to make a woman cum. I lost two women that I liked a lot because I couldn’t satisfy them. I went my whole sexual life with women not telling me anything about their orgasms, and as I got older, girls they started telling me that I’m a selfish lover. But I’m not. It’s become so hard to get them to orgasm that I try to avoid sex all together. The last woman I was with did cum but trying to please her was so hard. I was sweating and running out of breath. She cums with head. One time, I ate the girl out for like a hour and nothing. She asked me to stop. Sometimes she tell me it’s “OK.” I want to be in love and satisfy a woman. But are women’s hearts connected to their pussies?
Yours Truly, Unselfish Dude
Dear Selfless Dude,
A women’s pussy works just like man’s dick. It’s a sex organ for chrissakes. To think or suggest anything else is foolish, shallow and patriarchal.

Don’t believe what society thinks about women. You’ll come up wrong most of the time. A lot of guys are more interested in pleasing themselves and forget fucking is a dual effort so that’s part of why women don’t orgasm most of the time. It’s not hard to make a woman cum if you’re really interested in pleasing her.

Problem is nobody wants to talk about sex openly and honestly. Women are as sexual as men, but society makes sex shameful and whorish on women and that’s fucked up, unfair, and unequal. If you ask any woman, who is open to being honest, she’ll probably tell how she can cum and how easy and quickly she can make herself orgasm.

I promise you, if you are in a relationship that nurtures sexual freedom and not focusing on gender conformity, you’ll have a pretty dope relationship. The rest will come easy. She’s likely to give her heart to you for that reason alone opposed to a having a dick that makes her cum.
Sincerely yours,