Use These 5 Tips To Counter Narcissistic RED FLAGS

In the prior post, we discussed recognizing narcissistic RED FLAGS by taking your own temperature and noticing the behavioral changes in your self. Now, we get into just how to combat the fuck shit when ole boy throws you a curve. Here are five common RED FLAGS and 5 ways to combat them:

The first flag dealt with ole boys nonchalant attitude with your presence after being in a nonstop honeymoon phase. Meaning he heavily pursued you, courted you, then all of a sudden he’s unbothered by you, your attention and being in your space. Don’t get lost in the “what happened? What changed?” Issa trap to make you have doubts. But it’s him. The best way to deal is to match his energy.

Listen: If y’all hitting the sack, then y’all ain’t friends. Thus, friendzoning after intimacy is red flag as fuck. If he tries to make you the homie, he’s presenting an exit strategy. Pump your brakes right there. To counter that, ditch him and hang with your real friends.

When his level communication drops, he’s showing two things: a lack of effort and a lack of interest. It’s a classic red flag warning that he’s falling back — and really you gotta do the same thing, too. To counter this, dive straight into no contact. Don’t call, don’t text, don’t email. Don’t even answer. Just don’t. It’s better he feel rejected than you. If he man’s up and really wants to holla, he’ll send a postcard or a smoke signal.

One of the shittiest red flags is the cold shoulder. This is toxic and violent behavior. In fact, it’s downright abusive. Go where you’re celebrated and not tolerated. The only way to counter this one is to cut shit off at the sign off. Like off-off. Dead him.

The biggest red flag of ‘em all is sex. If sex changes from compassionate and loving to meaningless and void, or even stops. It’s a dub. As a woman you are to be desired not disrespected. To counter this, him with the “I’m good Love, enjoy” and don’t look back.