Sometimes You Must Look To The Past In Order To Move Forward

Have you ever worked so hard, for so long, on a tough issue that you damn near kiss the ground when you finally pushed your way through? Then as time moved on, you began to reflect and see the hardship with fresh eyes? You may have realized that hindsight is 20/20. And that is truly a blessing we shouldn’t discount. When we gain substantial distance from tough situations, we gain insight and the ability to see red flags, making it easier for us to learn and move forward in ways that sharpens our wisdom and protects our heart. Red flags are present in relationships long before shit hits the fan. The main reasons they get glossed over is because of denial and desire when we think we’re in love, but trust and believe they’re always there and usually they are a precursor to The End. Just thinking about it may sting, but acknowledging and learning from each circumstance will do you plenty good, especially moving forward. Here are some of the common red flags that let us know the end is near.

Lukewarm Reception

Now, Bae doesn’t need to do cartwheels or back flips when you show up, but if the love is there you’ll know how he receives you– affectionately, warmly, or simply acknowledging your presence. However, if the expression is lackluster, say a frown, straight-face, or a homie nod, know y’all ain’t like that no more. Start looking for new love interests.

Friend Zoning

If your boo starts treating you like one of the guys or equal to any other woman in his life besides his female family members. He’s positioning you for a demotion from girlfriend to friend girl. Be prepared for him to introduce you as a friend to really drive the point home.

Decreased Communication

He don’t call or text like used to. Six calls a day and random check-ins have been reduced to one gratuitous “how was your day call.” Your hour-long conversations become two-minute rundown on what your doing. That’s known as the fallback.

Cold Shoulder

When the person you’re into just shuts down in your presence and has very little engagement with you, but is beyond friendly and talkative around you — times up. Get back into your hobbies. Connect with old friends. Start doing you.

Pull Out

When you are having great sex and your dude pulls out when y’all fucking and cums in the condom or somewhere random instead of finishing inside you — it’s a wrap. Don’t even wait for him to cut you off. Save yourself the heartache and disappointment and call it quits.