Self-Crowned Q&A: 3 Surefire Tips To Resist Answering Calls When Your Ex Fucked Up

A SELF CROWNED subscriber writes in wanting to know how to resist the urge to answer her man’s persistent calls. We weighed in.

Me and my dude been going strong for a year until recently a side chick got my number from his phone and called me. She filled me in on their four month relationship. Apparently, she is scorned because he broke it off with her to get 100% serious with me. Only thing is I thought we were already 100% serious, including commitment. I confronted him and he fessed up not to cheating, but fucking around behind my back. Since he put it that way, I broke it off because of his betrayal. He keeps calling to redeem himself. I’ll admit I answer, listen to his pleas, and each time I feel weak. But I really can’t move forward with someone who is not forthcoming and loose enough to have someone call my number. How do I resist the urge to answer his call when I really want to move on?
Yours truly,
Weak-hearted & wanting to move forward.


Dear Weak-hearted,
Your dude fucked up. While no man is above is perfection, your boy got caught slipping. It appears he tried to right a wrong in the midst of wrongdoing, however, he forgot two things: 1) Come clean with you. 2) Lock his damn phone.
At this point, none of that is your problem and you are at no obligation to re-enter a relationship with someone who betrayed, nor allow him to talk you into doing so. Stand your ground. Here are three things you can do to resist the urge of answering his calls when you’re trying to move on.


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The good thing about the digital age we now live in, is that we don’t have to see unwanted calls. Most smartphones have a block feature that prevents pesky calls — and text messages — from getting through. Some send calls straight to voicemail, while others simply mute calls so you won’t hear the phone ring or even get a notification. You should probably do the same for Instagram, Facebook, and Facetime direct and video calls.



Like no one wants to change a well-established phone number, but if the calls cease to persist sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. This will stop him dead in his tracks.



This is a hard one for many, Just don’t answer. It requires having little time to waste and zero fucks to give. It’s a test of your gangster, but it’s a conscious exercise of putting your foot down and putting yourself first. Because at the end of the day, your ex mans put himself first, and for yourself preservation it’s important for you to keep that same energy.
Best of luck,