Self-Crowned Q&A: Have The Tough Talk, Show Him How To Sex You Good

Subscriber’s hubby has a heart of gold, but his sex game is fit for a trash can. SELF-CROWNED offers tips for teaching him how to aim to please.

I looooooooove my man. He is a gentle spirit, God fearing, hardworking, family man, who puts us first. We’ve grown together through some really trying times. The best part of our relationship is that after 14 years, we are best friends. We thick as thieves. He is my soulmate. The worst part? He is not my bedmate. In all these years, the only thing about him that hasn’t evolve is his sex. It hurts me to even say this, but his stroke game is so terrible that I sneak and masturbate when he falls to sleep. He helped me be a better woman in so many ways. How can I help him be better in bed?

Unsatisfied and sad

Dear Underfuckedsexed,

My deepest regards to you and your pussy. Seriously, pussies are meant to be stroked.


With the exception of asexuality, satisfying sex is important to the human condition — no matter anyone’s sexual orientation. You really shouldn’t suffer that way and you shouldn’t be silent about it either. Not when there are ways to turn subpar sex into stellar sex.



Listen: If you love you and you love him, let him know. Tell your husband what works for you and teach him how to do it. Don’t pussyfoot around the topic either. Be explicit and make it plain; e.g., if you like to be penetrated from the back and embraced and stroked slowly when you orgasm, say that — but like this: Bae, hit it from the back with my face down and ass up. Hold my waist tightly and fuck me slow when I cum. Trust me. He’ll get it.



If he comes up short in certain areas, be it length or time or whatever, all is not lost. Work with him, so he can work you. Don’t go at it alone. Introduce sex toys into the fold. You may be surprised by how they may enhance both your sex lives.



Not only will this arouse him and motivate him to fuck you better, it is also a subtle, but direct way to tell him what you like and how to get it done. Closed mouths don’t get fed so open yours and get nasty with it.

Best regards,