Self-Crowned Q&A: Signs He May Or May Not Be Gay

This Self-Crowned subscriber finds out the clear signs a person may or may not be gay.

I’m interested in a dude who is very attractive and well-groomed. Everything from his beard and haircuts, straight down to his clothing and shoes are always sharp. His hands and feet are well-manicured and he is soft spoken and mild-mannered. I’ve noticed when were out he studies other men’s style and has even gone so far as compliment them on their looks. Are there signs I should look for to inform me on whether he is gay?

Dear Side-eye,
Your person of interest seems like a real smooth cat. From what you shared, he appears to be stylish, neat, clean and laidback. What stood out to me more so than anything was his ability to give credit where it’s due. It shows he is so secure and confident with who he is, he does care what others might think of his masculinity. That is quality character. To me the only one who is suspect is you, but I digress.


I’m not here to judge, but solely offer up good advice to whomever asks. Your question is are there signs to let you know a dude is gay and the answer is — yes.



When he himself uses sign language to let you know.



When he himself uses literal signs to let you know. Signs don’t define sexuality. The literal act does so unless you witness him in a sexual act with another man, you’ll never be sure.

And if you are really pressed to know — ask.