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What exactly is Self-Crowned?

Self-Crowned is an online gold mine full of resources such as the Self-Crowned Journal which puts every tool necessary, for leveling up on your self care regiment, all in one place; exclusive courses and weekly blog posts that outline key steps to giving yourself closure; VIP Q&A relationship and self-love advice; tips to achieve financial freedom and much more.

Direct access to Derrick Jaxn via private mentorship live chats which means every week members get exclusive answers to their burning questions straight from the number one dating and relationship expert in the world.

A daily spout of life, love, and energy pouring into your spirit via affirmational text messages and weekly self-love to your email so your spirit is constantly exposed to things that will keep it lifted and stronger than ever!

Free admission into Derrick Jaxn premiere events and book signings in your city for you and your plus one. His keynote speaking engagements and panel events are highly reputable for transforming mindsets and restoring lost faith in just 45 minutes or less. Any VIP membership with us gives you all-access year round.

An online community of like-minded individuals with a shared purpose of enhancing their lives and freeing themselves from the weight of doing it all alone. Iron sharpens iron, and there’s no other place online like Self-Crowned, where people come strictly for the purposes of leveling up.

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Who should join Self Crowned VIP?

A woman who…

  • Understands that self care is a worthy priority; you can only give but so much without taking care of yourself.
  • Doesn’t mind being there for others, but wouldn’t mind if she could count on others as well.
  • Doesn’t need someone else to see her as worthy of their investment before she invests in herself spiritually, financially, physically, and otherwise.
  • Is ready to commit to a new level of consistency toward happiness, emotional health, and overall quality of life.

A man who…

  • Understands his feelings are valid, and wants to increase his emotional and mental wealth to protect those feelings.
  • Understands that learning positive ways to grow and unlearning toxic behavior is instrumental in becoming the man a good woman truly deserves.
  • Decides his mental wellness is as important as his physical fitness, and invests in it accordingly without shame or guilt.